Carpet Cleaning Queens offer the most extensive domestic and commercial cleaning services in Queens. We have been involved in the carpet cleaning industry for many a year which provided us with vast experience in all types of cleaning. People believe that vacuuming their sofas on a weekly basis is sufficient to maintain its appearance. Over time stains and spots accumulate on the fabric that can only be cleaned by a professional cleaning company such as Carpet Cleaning Queens.

Sofa Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Queens provides you with a professional sofa cleaning service that is a solution to your problem. Your sofa will look as good as new after our expert technicians have removed all the stains and cleaned your sofa. Our cleaning process will not damage the fabric of your couches and it will make sure that they remain in prime condition. Our cleaning experts will do a thorough inspection of your sofa at your home. They will assess the fabric and stains and then determine how intensive the cleaning process should be. You will be provided with a quote on the cleaning job.

We only use natural products in our unique cleaning processes. These products are designed not to damage your sofa. There are some areas of your sofa that need exceptional care when it is cleaned. The armrests, corners and folds in the material require special attention because they collect the most dust. Carpet Cleaning Queens will then apply cleaning soap gently with the use of a soft brush during the stain removal procedure on your sofa. This is followed by a thorough dry cleaning, leaving the sofa dry and ready for immediate use.

Carpet Cleaning Queens uses advanced vacuum and dry cleaning methods to ensure your furniture and carpets are spotless. We use only environmentally friendly,  natural cleaning products on your sofa. These cleaning agents won’t harm your sofa and poses no risk to your family . Our professional technicians will make sure that all residue or spillage is cleaned up from the area that they worked in. Your home will be in perfect condition when we leave.